How to Start an Affiliate Marketing 2020

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing 2020

Affiliate marketing can help you make half a million dollars a month.

And that’s true.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you will be making money from the comfort of your home.

I’ll show you how to get started with affiliate marketing, step by step way for you to go from zero to hero.

First Steps for starting with Affiliate marketing

We will be joining an affiliate network, where you find products you can sell or link to and make commissions from.

Second step, is finding a product.

It’s very important to find a specific product that you can sell on the internet, that you resonate with and that you can make money with that.

The third step, sell it using a special affiliate link. So when someone purchases a product through our affiliate link, we get a good commission.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Few Important steps to Follow:

  • Selecting the Right affiliate Network.
  • Join the Affiliate Network.
  • Branding – selling products and start making money.

Select the Affiliate Network.  (Recommended to choose from the list)

Go on Google just type affiliate networks, for instance, we’ll find a bunch of results,

From where I personally prefer these 6 affiliate networks:







Now the question arises, how do you decide which one to join?

As a beginner the best two great affiliate networks to join for making huge money are Amazon and Click Bank.

I would suggest you to go for Amazon.

Because amazon is the world’s biggest ecommerce website. Where its driving more than 2.5B visitors per month.

Join the Affiliate Network


So Amazon is very easy to join and let me show you how to join Amazon’s affiliate marketing network.

Just go on

Scroll down to the extreme bottom of the page. And you’ll see a link in the footer

That says, Make Money with Us.

However, there are more many ways you can make money with Amazon. Like by Selling,

Private label brands, business, etc.

So Just click on this “Become an Affiliate”, a new window will pop up which will look like this.

Join affiliate marketing with amazon
amazon affiliate marketing

Click On, Join now for free. So very easy to join and start selling stuff on Amazon.

After clicking on the join now, Put you in your amazon login email id and password or you can just sign up.

How to join affiliate marketing with amazon.
amazon affiliate marketing 2

After this, they will ask you to put on your website, and if you don’t have a website you can just put your Facebook profile link.

And you select the niche or categories which you would be interested in.

And Congratulation!! You are now an Affiliate member.

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  • Different ways to make money from amazon.
  • How do you promote and start making money?

So now comes the final part of how to brand and sell the products to start earning money.

There are many different ways to promote the affiliate product but one of the highest paying and commonly used is through 


Make a blog of your selected niche, where you can write a review or tips about any product you want to promote. Below that just put the affiliate marketing link of the same product where people can buy the product and you make money out of that.

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Promoting affiliate marketing link on a Facebook profile or you can make a Facebook page where you can put the link and share it in different groups over Facebook.


Opening a 2-3 different YouTube Channel on different niche like Fashion, technology, and make affiliate marketing revenue by promoting them on the YouTube platform for free.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable businesses worldwide when you talk about online money-making programs. Few biggest advantages of affiliate marketing are:

  1. You don’t have to buy anything from the merchant so no investment or upfront.
  2. No pain in maintaining any stock. Everything will be taken care of by the merchant.
  3. It’s a High-income potential, it gives 70% to 90% commission by selling the products


Common mistakes that some new affiliate members do, even I made that mistake when I got started.

And it’s one and only “Not showing patience”

You won’t start making money on day one. Rather, slowly and steadily you will be scaling. So don’t lose the opportunity to make money.

Hopefully, this article has helped you. Please consider subscribing to the NEWSLETTER for more Ideas on making Money online.

Till then Make Money Online.

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