How to Start a Successful Blog 2020

How to Start a Successful Blog 2020

Learn how to start a successful blog in 2020. People over 20 million are in this blogging field as a full-time job and making money from the blog.

Blogging can be an amazing journey in making you rich by just sharing your knowledge, ideas, whatever you want to blog about, the main thing is something which you are passionate about. Because writing a blog on a daily or weekly basis can become very difficult if you don’t enjoy what you are blogging about.

There are many blogging platforms but the best two platforms where you can create your blog and post your article is.

  1. Blogger.
  2. WordPress.

Many new bloggers always start with because it’s totally free of cost and powered by Google itself.

However, once you get experience and earn some amount of money which you can invest in more advanced blogging platforms like wordpress.

We will choose for creating a blog.

Step By Step Guide for creating a blog.

To create a free blogger site, log on to and click on “CREATE YOUR BLOG” to use your Gmail email id and passcode to log in.

How to Start a Successful Blog 2020

However, if you don’t have a Google or Gmail account, you can create a Gmail account for free.

Step 2:- Type in your Google or Gmail email and password to start a blog.

Start a blog with gmail

Step 3:- Click On Create a Blog.

How to Start a Successful Blog 2020

Now comes the important part giving a good Name to your blog, which should relate to your NICHE of the blog.

Recommend you avoid using your personal name. Take time Thinking of a name that you can brand later with a custom domain.

How to Start a Successful Blog 2020

Select a template/theme of your wish from the given option.

And Now your blog is ready to use and make money.

However there are few settings that you need to do in a newly created blog.

Step 4:- Settings for the blog.

This is the most important point if you want to know how to start a successful blog 2020.

Proper settings will help your blog rank on the first page of Google and then there are high chances of increasing the traffic on your blog.

Click on settings.

Select Basic – Enter Title and Description.

Give proper description for Blog 2020

Title and Description plays a very important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That’s how you will be shown in google search results.

Click On Search Preferences

Give proper description for Blog 2020
How to Start a Blog 2020

In search Preference – Click on Meta tag – EDIT

And select yes on Enable search description? 

Fill the description of the website / NICHE you are working on.

And now last but not the least setting you have to do. 

Got to Custom Robot Header tags.

Click on enable the Custom Robots Header Tags by selecting “Yes.”

Important Settings for Blog 2020

then you’ll get a set of checkboxes. …Just fill as shown in the picture.

Important Settings for Blog 2020

Now You Are Done!

Step 5:- Creating a post for the blog.

To create a post Click the POST tab. And then click on Create New Post.

Type a title for your post in the post box

 Type up a post in the post field below the post box.

Click on Publish.

Hurray, you just posted your first article/blog post.

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