How to make money using Mobile Apps and websites 2020.

How to make money using Mobile Apps and websites 2020.

Today we will discuss how to make money using mobile apps and websites from which you can make more than $50 an hour. And it is one of the fastest, easy, and free ways to make money online.

How This Works:

So there’s a global industry built around testing apps and websites on the internet, and all you have to do to be a tester is to use their website or the mobile app like you would in real life, and then you have to give your genuine reviews, your experience or any problem you faced while using these sites, and you’ll be paid for each test you take.

However, this website some time have different requirements, like sometimes they may just want Female and sometimes they want males.

You might be thinking about why somebody will pay you for using mobile app and websites?

You’ll be giving feedback to the companies like Facebook, Subway, Wal-Mart, and eBay, etc. on their websites and their apps, because there are so many people using different Mobile Phone, different tablets, different computers, that these companies.

They need testers from all these different categories, all these different types of phones, all these different ages, they need you to test their website or App.

The legit ways to make money using Mobile Apps and websites:

The first Website, which we will be talking about, is



Try My Ui make money using Mobile Apps

So, This is a website that pays to test.

All you have to do is click on “GET PAID TO TEST”, which will take you to the signup page.

Fill in all required details. And you are ready to make money

TryMyUI basically pays you $10 for each test you take, the duration of these test is 20 minutes.

There is no limit on the number of tests you want to do.

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The second website from where you can make money.



User Lytics make money using Mobile Apps

Again you gave to sign up for userlytics website by completing its short and easy form and become member of the global community of user testers.

Userlytics will pay $5 to $20 per test you do, depending on the project, however, some of their projects can pay $90 just for navigating the web and the money will be sent straight to your PayPal.

We have more four website left.

So the next website from where you can make money using mobile apps and websites.

User Testing.


User Testing website to make money using Mobile Apps

Just signup and start the work by installing their app, after installations they will give you a screen recorder to talk and share your opinion while you are using the app.

And that’s what your job is here.

They say they can pay up $60 per test.

so now you can make money using mobile apps and websites.

Isn’t this fun.



User feel website to make money

Again, you can sign up, and become A Tester, on and make money using the app and websites.

Once again, this website also pays $10 per test and you can find more tests to do.

You have to use a Windows or a Mac computer, no apps for this company.

Next website called

Enroll App.


Enroll App to make money

Enroll app is the platform that lets you take tests anywhere, like in your phone, tablet, desktop, whatever you prefer.

Same as above you will get paid via PayPal, and help companies make better websites.

And that’s the Best and legit 5 Website where you can visit their website or download their apps to take a test and make some money for yourself.


The more sites your sign up for, the more chances you have to get a test that wants you and you make money using mobile apps and websites.

You will get paid only via PayPal. So you need to have an active PayPal account.

This is one of the ways that you can make money on the internet.

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