How to make money in 24 hours.

How to make money in 24 hours.

Today we will tell you about how to make money in 24 hours with the help of  9 best and 100% legit websites, from where you can make $500 a week.

However, there are a lot of bogus websites out there on the internet, who will try to scam you by not paying money for your time and work.

So, the 9 websites which I will tell you is 100 % legit websites that will pay you money within 24 hours.

I have personally done research on the websites and tested them too.

You can literally set your own schedule and earn work from home.

So, let’s begin with the websites from where yo can money in 24 hours: –


User Testing website to make money in 24 hours

There are big companies who want people to test their website, software, apps and give feedback or opinion for the same.

The world is transitioning more and more into digital age, these companies need real people like you to give them feedback about their user interface how easy it is to use their website, apps or software.

You can earn up to $60 just for testing and sharing your opinion.

Join Now.

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Clear Voice website to make money in 24 hours

Clear voice is a company who pays you to write content for different brands like, LifeLock, Carfax, Esurance and many more.

All you have to do is sign up on their website and select it as freelancer and start creating good content for these big brands.

The better you are in creating content, the more you get paid.

Sign Up Here


Scribie website to make money in 24 hours

Scribie pays to transcribe Lectures, YouTube Videos, interviews and many more.

There are thousands and thousands of people and companies out there who need things transcribed every single day for their businesses.

Transcribing is a one of the best and easy work you can do from home and earn money from home.

Join Here


One Space website to make money in 24 hours

One space is a very similar company like Fiverr and Upwork.

So again, here you can join and work as freelancer. But one space also provides low skill work like:

Entering receipts into a database.

Write content articles.

Do research work on a topic.

So, you can just signup as a freelancer and select things that you are interested in doing it.

Complete the work and make money in 24 hours.

You can Join Here


Google Rewards to make money in 24 hours

As the name itself says that it’s a product by google.

It’s an app which pays you in gift card if you are an android phone user and cash via PayPal if you are an iOS user.

How this works is, Goggle have team up with brands and companies s all across the world.

And they pay you for giving customer feedback or they will ask your opinion on things and brands.

Join Google Rewards here.

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Field agent

Field agent is the app free of cost, which gives you a variety of random tasks to complete in your local area in a given time limit of 2 hours.

After downloading the app, you will start getting the task is like, go in a store, click and upload a picture of the particular product in your phone to complete the task.

So basically, field agent work for big companies where they pay to check how their particular products are displayed in stores.

Join From Here to start to make money in 24 hours.


Gig walk

This is very much similar to Field agent.

Gig walk will pay you to complete random tasks, like taking a picture of the product in a local store to see how its brand, or taking a picture of the price tags.

So, Field agent and gig walk works the same way to make money in 24 hours.

Join Gig Walk.


Bird to make money in 24 hours

The bird is an electric scooter company around the world.

So, this company pays you to charge its electric scooter.

Just download the app, locate there the scooters that need to be charged.

They will pay you from $5 to $20 per scooter.

Join Bird from here. to start to make money in 24 hours.



Qmee is an app which you can download in your phone, which will pay you for browsing internet from that app.

Like the above there are more different ways where you can earn money using Qmee:

Qmee will pay you for shopping at your favorite stores online.

They will also pay when you share your opinion.

You can take online surveys too.

Qmee does not pay you in any gift card, they pay in total hard cash.

Join Qmee to start making money in 24 hours.


All these websites are legit and tested, which will pay you within 24 hours.

So now you all know How to make money in 24 hours from these websites.

I would suggest you join as much as the website you can join. So, you are never out of work and you make more and more money.

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