How to make money from Amazon.

How to make money from Amazon.

Almost 99.9% knows about the Amazon because some or the other day you might have spent money on buying something from Amazon. But have you ever thought that how you can make money from amazon?

Amazon is not only the platform where you can spend money but also it’s a big platform from where you can earn more the $20,000/month.

Anyone from the legal working age can earn money from amazon.

There are different ways where you can make money from amazon. And today we will discuss top and most used ways to how to make money from amazon.


Amazon Associates program
Amazon Associates program

It is an easy and renowned affiliate marketing program available.

Anyone can join an amazon affiliate marketing program and earn money by promoting products on social media and functional website or blog.

Amazon affiliate program gives you the freedom to select any category product available on Amazon and sell it by creating your specific affiliate link.

Many bloggers have been making money from their blog or website through the amazon associate program.

Join Amazon Associate Program.


Amazon flex is basically a delivery service that Amazon uses to deliver the package.

You can become an amazon delivery driver and get paid for delivering products.

According to Amazon, you can make $18 to $20 per hour by delivering packages.

With amazon flex, you can set your own schedule and work according to that.


As the company expands, they need good customer service agents to support their clients with orders, packages, and a bunch of other different thing things.

You can join Amazon as agents on 12 hours shift to support customers with their issues.

Just search for amazon work from home virtual location, join and start earning.


Influencer Program

Whenever amazon launches any feature, they do a lot of marketing.

So if you have any type of following on social media then it’s bread and butter for you.

For the influencer, amazon will actually create a store just for you, where you can make your own custom store, make you top recommend favorite products listed, and drive the traffic to the store.

And on every purchase, you get a commission.

Join as Amazon Influencer.


Amazon Kindle Store
Amazon Kindle Store

If you are Author, story writer, a poet, or a professional you loves to teach than this is surely the program you should join.

You can also write about things you are learning on the internet from a blog or website.

Just translate that in kindle and you are ready to go.

Here you can publish your book and earn up to 80% of the royalty every time it sells.

The benefit is, you don’t have to think about any marketing your book.

Amazon takes care of everything.

So, now you can publish your book and earn loads of money.

Join as a Publisher in Amazon.


Amazon Handmade

Amazon handmade is one of the best initiatives taken by amazon.

It’s a place where you can sell anything that is handmade by you.

You just have to apply and get accepted to the amazon handmade program.

And sell your handmade products in front of millions of buyers on the world’s largest online store.

The handmade products can be paintings, furniture, sculptures, handicrafts, any embroidered goods, etc. it can be anything.

Join Amazon handmade.



Amazon mechanical truck is one of the easiest ways to make money from amazon.

In amazon m mechanical truck, you will have to complete some micro-tasks.

So the Micro-tasks are like:

  • Removing of duplicate content.
  • Deleting wrong pictures of the listed products.
  • Transcription of audio-video.
  • Comparing amazon products in data records.
  • Proofreading product descriptions etc.

So it has got a huge list of micro-tasks, which you can complete and earn money from amazon.

Join Amazon M truck.

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So these are the best ways to make money from amazon.

However ever there are more ways, but these are the best to make thousands of dollars per month from the world’s largest online store.

People are also taken amazon full time and making more than $20,000 per month.

So keep making money online.

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