How to make money by content writing.

How to make money by content writing.

I have been writing content from the past 2 years and in this article, I will share my experience and tips on how I make money by content writing.

Almost everything you see on the internet like social media posts, video advertisements, podcasts, there are content writers behind them. Anything that’s really creating some sort of brand messaging that’s going out to the audience is done by content writers.

How can you make money by content writing

So, if you are good at writing or you can express your ideas clearly and connect to people, then you can make money by content writing.

You can take content writing as a full-time or a part-time job depending on your schedule.

A content writer can make a minimum of $1000 to more than $20000 a month.

Here 10 steps a good content writer should follow.

  • Before creating any content it’s very important to do proper keyword research on the topic.

You can use different keyword research tools to find the best keyword for your content. As per my experience, I always prefer using SEMRUSH keyword research tool.

  • Invest some productive time to create a good title or headline for the content related to the topic. Because only good tittle can engage people to read your full content.
  • However, before creating any content, you must know your target audience. You must know and understand what are they exactly looking for, and you can use SEMRUSH for the research.
  • The next step is to set the goal of that content. Are you writing that content to increase brand social awareness or to increase your website traffic?
  • Start writing your content with a brief introduction to the topic. So that your reader will easily understand what the content is all about and then they can decide to read the full content.

This is a good practice to engage only interested readers. which will help your content rank in google faster and boost average session duration and will decrease your website bounce rate.

  • Always split your content into short paragraphs. Which makes it easier to read and understand.
  • Give attention to the grammar and readability of your content. You can use GRAMMERLY for the same.
  • Nobody likes to read boring articles so, Use attention-grabbing pictures related to the topic in your content.
  • Close your content with the conclusion. It means you need to summarize what you’ve written in your content.

Top 5 websites to make money by content writing.


It is one of the popular freelancing websites. Where You can submit your profile as a content writer and start working. They pay a minimum of $5 to $50 per article.


It’s a place where you can easily make $30 per article of one thousand words. As per my experience, I make minimum $700 a month in my spare time from


If you talk about freelancing website then you cannot miss It is similar to Upwork and freelancers. All the jobs in Fiverr start at $5. You can sign up with Fiverr to start working as a content writer.

People Per Hour.

People per hour is the most trusted freelancing website in the USA. It has been featured many times on BBC, CNBC, THE INDEPENDENT, BUSINESS INSIDER, and others. Content writing jobs on People Per Hour start with a minimum of $20.


iwriter content writing  job website

Iwriter is a dedicated freelancing website only for writers. The pay for a writer is based on their writing skills. However, it starts at $8 to $90 per one thousand words.

Different ways to make money by content writing.

There are different ways to make money by content writing such as,


You can create a blog or website. Where you can write the content of your interest and make money.

The easiest way to make money from any blog is by placing Google AdSense ads on the blog.

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Writing for Newspaper, Magazines and Blogs.

If you are extremely good at your writing skill then by Writing for Newspaper and Magazines, you can make up to $300 per article of one thousand words.

You can also reach out to website owners or bloggers if they need a writer for their blog or website.

Writing eBooks

You can create eBooks Where you can share your ideas, experience by which people can take benefit and publish it online.

eBook writing is a proven most profitable way to make money by content writing.

There are different platforms to sell eBooks wherein Amazon is the best.

Amazon only keeps 20% of the price and they offer 80% royalty to the writer.

The 2 most searched book topic is:

How to become reach.

Home to make money online.

Ghost writing.

There are a lot of people who have this misconception that ghostwriting means, writing stories of ghosts.

Well, actually when you write on behalf of someone another person. But the article gets published under the buyer’s name.

Ghostwriting is one of the highest-paid and best ways to make money by content writing.

Ghostwriters get paid from $100 to $500 per thousand words of the article.

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So, these were the ideas and tips on how you can make money by content writing.

However, the pay depends on your writing skills and experience.

There are people who make more than $10,000 a month by writing content.

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