How does amazon flex work?

How does amazon flex work?

Amazon Flex is the best part-time offered by amazon itself. And can be easily done in extra time. So today we will get into How does amazon flex work? And how much you can earn from the amazon flex app.

So, You can earn $25 to $50 per hour and make more than $10,000 a month from Amazon Flex App.

Amazon Flex is an app that is used to work with the world’s largest online store AMAZON.


When it comes to making money and joining Amazon Flex is very simple.

To earn money from Amazon Flex, You just need to download the Amazon Flex App from the app store in your cellphone, register yourself and wait for the approval.

So basically, after joining Amazon Flex you will have to deliver packages to the customers on behalf of Amazon.

After joining you go to amazon’s warehouse to get the packages that they give you and deliver them to where they tell you to deliver.


The age criteria for joining and working with Amazon Flex is 21 years.

You need to have a valid driving license.

Own or possess a car/vehicle that has to qualify amazon standards.

You need to have valid insurance for the vehicle and self.


Amazon flex operates all across the USA.

Once you are approved for the amazon flex app, then you are eligible to start the delivery work.

As you get the delivery blocks in the amazon flex app, you can swipe to accept the block and start the work during that specific given time.

Amazon Flex app

To get the delivery packages you will have to go to the Amazon warehouse.

After collecting the packages you will have to scan the barcode given on the packages so that you get to know where you have to deliver the package.

However, you cannot deliver the amazon packages throughout the day or whenever to wish too.

The delivery block has a timetable for the deliveries.

However it’s not compulsory to take each and every block or work, you can cancel the block too but that has to be done 45 minutes before your time begins.

And if you need to cancel the block in a hurry, then you can cancel 5 minutes before the delivery block starts.

They will give you a pop up in the amazon flex app for the same.

However, missing or canceling blocks can lead to disqualifying you from the amazon flex app work.


Amazon Prime Now.

As you know amazon prime is for faster delivery. and as you know that when you join amazon prime, you will start to get a delivery block of amazon prime just one hour before they start.

Amazon Fresh.

In amazon fresh, you will have to collect groceries from amazon fresh warehouse or from the local grocery store that has tie-up with amazon.

And deliver the same to the given delivery address on the amazon flex app.

It’s the normal process of collecting the package from the amazon warehouse and deliver the package.

It’s the simplest and you will get most of the delivery blocks from only.


Amazon flex app pays all your completed delivery block payment within a week’s time or sometime twice a week.


It’s an easy and simple way to make money. So, You can make more than $10,000 per month as a part-time.

Complete the orders in the given time or you might end up working for free.

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