Habits of Saving Money and Improve Bank Balance.

Habits of Saving Money and Improve Bank Balance.

We feel so good when there is money left in our account after paying all the bills and expenses. So today we will see how to make it happen every month by the simple habits of saving money.

Habits of Saving Money

Which can be useful in fulfilling your dream car, dream home, or can be used during your retirement.

There are ways to increase bank balance are unending, but what you seriously need is a plan and a will to execute it.

Saving money is a very good habit.

Do you know, 100 years ago japan was a traditional agricultural country, a Japanese lady named “Fumiko Chiba” Author of the book “Kakeibo: Art of saving money” introduced this method to save money. and they learned how to control financial decisions.

So today we will share Simple habits of saving money which can be adapted by students, businessmen, housewives, employers to get rid of financial problems and live a happy life.



No credit is habit of saving money

Never take credit in any case from anyone. Because once you get a habit of taking credit, I bet that you will not have your peace of mind.

You should not forget that if you are taking credit than you have to return it too, but with some percentage of interest.

Don’t let your hard-earned money go in interest.


Maitaining Accounts is habit of saving money

Make a habit of keeping an accounts book of income and expenses. Where you will have to write all your income and expenses, never miss a single penny.

This is how you will get to know where are your most of the hard-earned money going, and try to minimize that expenses next month.

And that’s how can save a lot of money just by controlling your different expenses.

In Japan, this method is Called “Kakeibo: Habits of saving money” and they adopted this method in the year 1904 that changed their lifestyle.


Maitaining Records is habit of saving money

Due to non-maintenance of the records, usually we forget to pay our insurance premium or credit card bill on time and the next due becomes double of it, plus the penalty of late payment charges and the other charges makes it more difficult to pay.

 So, always make a separate file for all the important premiums and bills with labeled on top.




Warranty cards.

Bank Records.

ESI/PF etc.

Income Tax Records.

Daily expenses bills.


Save and invest

We always suggest to save money and invest in a proper place like mutual funds, bonds, stock, property, etc.

Because after some time your investment will get your income in the form of interest, dividends, or rents.

So, don’t just save your money in the bank, invest in the proper place, and let it get double.

Investing money is one of the best in habits of saving money.


Health is wealth

There is a saying,

“Most people work hard and spend their health trying to achieve wealth, and once they retire, they spend their wealth trying to get back their health.”

This is one of the most important parts. We work hard to make money life long and at the time of retirement, that money goes to pay hospital bills.

It’s very easy to ignore your health problems when you are young, you think paying money for gym and yoga is a waste of time, money, and energy. But when you start to grow old, slowly-slowly your body starts to get different problems which you never expected.

Taking care of your health is a good habit of saving money for the future.


There are so many jobs that are now getting obsolete. Like Factories doesn’t need much manpower because there are automated machines, many programming languages have been obsolete, etc.,

In this kind of situation, you should upgrade your skills and abilities so that you become adaptive. It means upgrading your skills and ability with time.

So that you always have an alternate option to earn money.

So never stop learning.


Do you always struggle with your monthly financial budget? You may be earning decent but still, be struggling every month with your savings.

You need not follow all the money-saving tips, just incorporate those that you feel are doable for you.

If you adapt any one of the habits, you will start to see a change in your lifestyle and bank balance for sure.

If you have any tips on Habits of Saving Money, please do comment.

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