Get Paid To Travel The World : Best Travelling Jobs

Get Paid To Travel The World : Best Travelling Jobs

If you have a dream to travel the world but you are not able to complete it because of several reasons, especially because of money. But have you ever thought that you can get paid to travel the world?

There are a huge number of different jobs where you get paid to travel.

However, there are few jobs which require minimum special skills.

Get Paid to travel

So, here are the best travel jobs you can take and get paid to travel.


Travel blogging is the trending job profile in these days.

So, you can make a specific blog or website on the internet about your travel stories. You can write your experience, what you liked in that city or country, and what you learned from their culture,

However, there are more options on which you can write:,

  • You can write 10 best things you liked about that city or country.
  • 10 best food you liked there.

And, you can monetize your blog with Google AdSense to make money from it or you can write a review for a store or their product.

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Get Paid to travel teaching language

Teaching English is a great way to involve yourself in a foreign culture, mostly in southeast Asia. Because the local people in these countries are very much influenced by how the Americans speak.

However, there are more languages like Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish are in more demand.

So, you can get paid to travel to different countries and teach different languages and cover your expenses.

In countries like the UAE or Korea, the payment is very high and sometimes they cover your accommodations and flights too.


Cruise Vacation is getting popular these days and there are huge numbers of crew members required on a cruise across the world.

For working on a cruise, you don’t need to hold any kind of specific college degree. They just require crew ranging from fitness instructors to cooks etc and get paid to travel the world.

However, anyone can also work on a private yacht, but on yacht usually, they require the sailing experience as well as a maritime safety certification.


If you are a tourist and traveling to a different country then to understand the history and culture of that country the Tour Guide plays a very important role.

As a tour guide, you should know to speak the English language and if you can speak different languages in which the tourist if comfortable then you have a high chance of getting paid good money.

You don’t need a college degree to become a tour guide. You just need a High school certificate and you can apply for Tourist guide training (ITMI) or tourist administration course to become a Tour Guide.

As a Tour Guide, there is three real way you can make money.





Becoming a flight attendant for an international airline is an excellent option to get paid to travel the world.

Depending on the routes, you can travel to multiple countries every month, include free flights and discounts across the travel industry.

And if you are working as a pilot or cabin crew then benefits extend to family members for life.

However, this job profile needs specific education to qualify for the job profile.


Get Paid to travel photographer

Travel photographer and videographer is also a job profile where to get to travel the whole world.

Travel Photography includes wildlife, food, landscape culture, etc,

However, it requires professionals’ skills to be a travel photographer or videographer.

So, if you have the skill of photography then this is the best traveling job to get paid to travel.


Success by no means is guaranteed, and it’s probably going to take a long time.

But, if you do it in conjunction with some of these other jobs, it could become your main source of income in no time.

Therefore, these are the tips on how to get paid to travel the world.

If you have any of your own, make sure you share them in the comment box below.

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