5 Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2020

5 Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2020

Blogging is one of the most trending and highly paid online platforms to earn big money. So today I will share the 5 best blogging niche ideas, where you can make huge money.

Some People claimed that they left their 9 to 5 jobs and now they are making more than $75,000 per month through blogging.

Because With the easy availability of the internet everywhere, people a really looking forward to becoming a professional blogger.

The important factor of Blogging is it really needs your interest in the niche you are making a blog and takes time to reach its potential, so you have to keep patience…

It’s very important to select a perfect blogging niche of your interest where you can blog on a regular basis or it becomes very difficult if you don’t enjoy what you are blogging about.

I’ll share the best and profitable blogging niche where you can work and earn money online not just a random list of blog niche.

Here are the 5 best blogging niche ideas which can make money in 2020.


Fashion Blog

If you are planning to start a fashion blog, then let me tell you it’s a highly profitable and best blogging niche idea.

The fashion blog is kind of a blog which will never go out of trend.

You can give your outfit advice, fashion advice on different occasions.

If you are running a fashion blog than you have to be update every time.

You can make sub niche in fashion blog because fashion blog very broad.

So you can also incorporate Beauty, Style, and travel or boutique fashion.

This can help you reach more audience.


Health blog
Health blog

This blogging niche is one of the highest searched blogging niche over the internet.

And again health blog is very vast, where you can create a lot of content on different topics, select sub-niches and reach millions of traffic.

You can take the example of different websites like Healthline and theloseweight.com.

Healthline is a website that covers almost all the topics related to health blogs and medical science.

However, theloseweight.com is a sub-niche-focused website.

Everybody wants to stay fit, want to lose weight but the only problem is they cannot spend that much money on the same.

So you create the content for them and get paid for it.

Health and fitness blogging niche work with a theory, that is all people care about is they, so if you can create content that can help them then you become their best friend.


digital marketing blogging niche

From the 5 best blogging niche ideas, Digital marketing is one of the most competitive blogging niches in the year 2020.

Because of the high demand for digital marketing people have started taking digital marketing as a carrier.

As Digital marketing have lot of job opportunity on field, it has a same demand over internet too.

Take it any scale of business, now a days working on their online presence. And with that it has infinite numbers on benefit.

The website, search engines, social media, mobile applications, etc. are the source of digital marketing.

And during this time almost everybody have social media account, and everybody visit some or the other website.

By creating digital marketing blog you learn and grow your blog as well as you will make money.

And if you are interested in learning digital marketing, then you should definitely check out NEIL PATEL’s Blog or YouTube channel.


food blog blogging niches
food blog

Some blogs are always going to make money and the food blogging niche is one of them.

The food blog is very interesting because everyone loves to eat.

Creating a food blog is very easy, and it also attracts a lot of traffic to the blog.

You have a lot of options in food blog like,

Providing new and different food recipes on your blog.

Visiting different restaurants and review their food in collaboration.

Share and write your view and feedback about any restaurant or product on your blog.

And there are a bunch of other options where you can make money from the food blog, eg – sponsorship.


Tech Blog

Tech Industry is developing day by day. 95% of the new blog is related to tech blogs because it’s one of the best blogging niche ideas to work on.

With the proper research, you can write countless posts on the latest development or launch.

When you select a tech blog, you open doors with many possibilities because tech blogs can have so many different sub-niches on which you can work.

List of sub-niches:

Mobile Device.

Computer Device.


Electronic Gadgets.

Pc Gaming.

Operating System etc.

You can review latest products as everybody loves to gain knowledge about the new products.


So these are 5 Best Blogging Niche Ideas, on which anybody can start there the first blog.

Blogging can help you earn thousands of dollars in a month, however success doesn’t happen overnight.

You have to be constant in putting up new and informative content for the reader.

Select only the blogging Niche of your interest.

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