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Submitting A Urban Outfitters Job Application

Applicants who are interested in working for Urban Outfitters cannot apply for positions in-store. The company no longer offers printable job applications or applications in-store. If you want to apply for a position with Urban Outfitters, you must fill out an employment application online. Part-time and full-time job opportunities may vary depending on the store location.

Job Positions Available: Urban Outfitters has a variety of full-time and part-time job positions available. Currently, the company needs workers to fill the following positions in various store locations: Sales Associate, Store Merchandiser, Receiver, Team Leader, Assistant Manager, Department Manager, and Store Manager.

Urban Outfitters is also in need of dedicated workers to fill other positions such as Display Artist, Administrative Assistant, Customer Care Specialist, Buyer, Account Executive, Internet Marketing Specialist, Financial Analyst, and Visual Intern.

Positions outside of store locations may require additional education or work experience.

Minimum Age: Applicants who are interested in working for Urban Outfitters must be at least 16 years of age to be considered for a position with the company.

Urban Outfitters Hours of Operation: Typically, Urban Outfitters locations are open Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 9PM and Sunday from 11AM to 7PM. However, store hours may vary depending on location.

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More Information: Urban Outfitters is a leading clothing and accessories retailer that also sells housewares, gifts, novelty items, and more. If you are interested in trendsetting, unique, and constantly changing products, as well as working in a fast paced environment, Urban Outfitters may be the perfect work place. At Urban Outfitters, employees have the opportunity to work in a casual, trendy work environment. Apply online today to find available part-time and full-time Urban Outfitters jobs in your area.

Job Opportunities: Urban Outfitters is always looking for new people to fill a variety of job positions within the company. Urban Outfitters offers people plenty of opportunities for advancement, as well as plenty of job benefits. Whether you are interested in an entry-level position or a professional-level position, Urban Outfitters gives you the opportunity to work for a well-known, unique, and fun company.

Currently, Urban Outfitters is looking for people to work in-store and in the corporate environment. Store-level positions include sales positions, management positions, merchandise receiving positions, and much more.
Corporate positions include administrative assistant positions, buyer positions, intern positions, and more. If you are at least 16 years of age, fill out an online employment application for Urban Outfitters today and start your career with a constantly changing, fun, and interesting retail company.

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