Tips For Filling Out Job Applications

Filling out Job Application

If you are looking for a job you will need to fill out a job application, either online or in the employer’s office. In most cases, you will need to fill out a job application first, but in others an employer might want to speak with you first to see if you are qualified for the job before you take the time to fill out an application. It is important that you fill out the application correctly and truthfully.

Why You Need to Fill Out a Job Application

An employer uses the job application to get information that he needs on the job applicant. For example, if an employer is seeing several different job applicants, he will have each one fill out an application so he can easily see who is qualified and who is not.

Larger corporations often hire union workers, as well as professionals. They may require each one of them to fill out a job application regardless of what position they are applying for. They may not need a job application for a highly professional person, but it makes the hiring process fair to all people.

Why Do Companies Need a Job Application

If you do not have a resume, a job application can be a good substitute in some cases. An employer can look over job applicants prior to setting up interviews to screen out good job applicants. This can save the employer a lot of time during the hiring process, especially if he has many applicants to go through.

In some cases, you will need a resume to submit to an employer first. The employer will then screen applicants by looking through the resumes. The applicants that get called in for an interview will then need to fill out a job application.

Information on Job Applications

Employers all use different types of job applications, but most of them require the same type of information from future applicants. It is very important that you know all of this information before filling out the application. Some of the most pertinent information requested on job applications are:

  • Present home address (and past home address if have not lived in the current address for over 10 years)
  • Home telephone number and cell phone number
  • Email address
  • Emergency contact information
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Information regarding any past criminal or civil convictions
  • Availability for hire date
  • Past education
  • Past work history, including dates, places of employment, and your job responsibilities
  • Any special certifications you may have
  • Your grade point average
  • References

As long as you have this information on hand when you are filling out your job application, you will have no problem filling it out. If you have your resume with you, it will show all of your job history dates, etc.

Filling Out the Job Application Tips

Look over the job application and read all of the instructions very carefully. Take your time and fill it out thoroughly. Make sure you are truthful in everything that you list. Many employers will check your background, such as schools attended and past employers. If you are not truthful, many times they will find out. You can even be fired after you are hired for falsifying your application.

Make sure your application matches what your resume says. You will have to put down your past employers. It should match the employers that you have listed on your resume. Make sure the dates of hire are the same as your resume.

Do not leave anything unanswered on the job application. If the application asks you a question that does not apply to the job or you, you can just write N/A in the blank for not applicable.

Fill out everything on the application, even if this information is already listed on your resume. Your employer needs to have this information on your application as well. If you do not list it, he will have to. This will show how well you can follow directions.

Never put down a past company. If you left for negative reasons, try to turn them into positive ones. State your company was downsizing, etc. If you left a company because you absolutely hated the job, do not put this on your application. Acting negative to past employers will look bad on you as an employee.

Your Salary Requirements

Never put down an exactly salary requirement on a job application. You could very easily go way below what they are offering, or you could go way above. It is always best to write something like “negotiable” in this blank.

If you know what the employee is offering for the job, then you can go ahead and put an amount in this blank, but only if you know what they are offering to you. Putting a dollar amount that is way too low can make the employer think you are not worth paying the higher amount.

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