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The Subway application process for Subway Restaurants is quick and straightforward. Subway will use this information to ensure you are legally and professionally qualified to become an employee. Since many positions at Subway stores are entry level, an applicant’s extensive work history may not be necessary.

Always be completely honest when filling out the job application. If there are no openings presently, the manager will keep your Subway application on file for future possibilities. Subway online job application process ensures complete confidentiality of your personal information.

Subway Job Positions: From the corporate operations to the individual stores, there is a large variety of talent needed. Subway careers have room to grow as well.

Subway Stores- Shift Manager, Assistant Shift Manager, Multi Unit Manager, Sandwich Artist, Senior Sandwich Artist

Subway Corporate- Financial Assistant, Clerical Assistant, Accounts Payable Assistant, Customer Care Representative, Office Assistant, Network Administrator.

Subway Minimal Age: In most states in the United States, the minimum age for legal employment is 16 years of age. The same often goes for other countries since Subway is now an international corporation with franchises all over the world. However, an employer/manager can judge the minimum age at his/her own discretion. Since most positions will be responsible for handling money and retaining keys, the manager has the right to judge an applicant’s sense of responsibility regardless of the applicant’s age.

Subway Hours of Operation: Subway restaurants are individually owned franchises so there are a few minor differences between them. The hours of operation vary from store to store but typically run from 10am till 10pm.

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More Information: Subway is one of the few fast food chains that offer completely fresh food. Never is food fried or laden in greasy fat. Its no wonder the Subway fast food restaurant jobs brand shot to fame and doubled their corporate profits when famous dieter, Jared Fogel, publicly attributed his 245 lb weight loss to a diet of Subway sandwiches instead of regular fast food. This testimony is a deep source of pride for Subway employees and owners. Subway careers motivate healthy eating and active lifestyles.

The company has even started a foundation for children in inner cities who are often made to eat the cheapest and fattiest of fast foods. These children often suffer massive obesity and health problems because of their lack of healthy vegetables and grains. Subway is dedicated to becoming a staple health advocate in their communities they serve.

Job Opportunities: The food industry has seen a massive boost in popularity thanks in much part to the slew of celebrity chefs and restaurant owners that have glamorized the integrity of freshly made food. If you have always had an interest in joining this growing field, a Subway job application is a good start.

Here you will learn the importance of proper food standards, food presentation, preparation, and kitchen operations. Also, customer service skills are very important at Subway stores. The company wants happy employees and happy customers. Subway online job application is a great place to start for anyone interested in joining the art of great food.

For people who are just stepping out into the workforce or for adults who want extra spending cash or a new career, Subway jobs offers great benefits and a healthy work environment. The employees of Subway are offered health benefits, flexible work schedules, paid training and competitive wages and some employees even qualify for 401k benefits and other extensive health benefits such as dental, vision and life insurance.

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