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Positions And Salary: Spencer’s offers both entry-level and professional-level positions. Positions may be part-time or full-time depending on the location and job title.

Cashier- Many people who begin working for Spencer’s are started as entry-level cashiers. Cashiers are responsible for ringing up each customer in a timely manner, as well as ensuring that customers pay the right amount for merchandise. Cashiers must also meet and greet every person who walks in the store. Spencer’s cashiers are paid an hourly wage. Typically, a cashier for Spencer’s can expect to receive minimum wage or slightly above minimum wage. Hourly wages may depend on previous experience and store location.

Sales Associate- Sales associate positions are considered entry-level positions. Sales associates have a variety of job duties such as stocking the shelves in the store, doing markdowns, helping customers, keeping the store clean, cashiering, and completing all management assigned tasks. Sales associates are paid an hourly wage. Typically, a sales associate can expect to make minimum wage to slightly above minimum wage depending on previous work experience and the location of the store.

Sales Supervisor- Sales supervisors are considered part of management. As a sales supervisor, job duties may include delegating to sales associates and cashiers, doing markdowns, meeting and greeting all customers in the store, filing paperwork, and opening or closing the store. Sales supervisors are typically paid an hourly wage. Sales supervisors can expect to receive around $10.50 an hour depending on the store and previous management experience.

Assistant Store Manager- Assistant store managers for Spencer’s have a variety of job duties. Typically, an assistant store manager can expect to open and close the store, balance cash registers, assign tasks to employees, conduct inventory, do markdowns, and keep paperwork filed in an organized manner. Assistant managers may also be expected to conduct interviews and train new employees. Assistant managers are paid a yearly salary. Typically, assistant store managers for Spencer’s can expect to make a yearly salary between $19,000 and $30,000. An assistant manager’s yearly salary may depend on previous experience as a manager, as well as the store location and time spent working for the company.

Store Manager- Store managers for Spencer’s are expected to encourage all employees to drive sales. Store managers are also responsible for conducting interviews, hiring new employees, and ensuring that all employees are trained properly. Store managers must also keep track of inventory, communicate with home office, and ensure that all merchandise is properly priced. Store managers for Spencer’s are paid a yearly salary. Typically, a Spencer’s store manager can expect to earn between $30,000 to $34,000 a year depending on time spent with the company, previous management experience, and the location of the store.

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Benefits: Spencer’s offers a variety of benefits to employees. All employees receive a 25% off discount on store merchandise, as well as flexible scheduling and competitive wages. Spencer’s also offers plenty of opportunity to grow with the company. Eligible employees can receive health benefits, paid time off, sick days, and 401K retirement options.

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History: In 1947, Spencer’s Gifts LLC was founded. The company originally started out as a company that sold novelty items through the mail. In 1963, the first Spencer’s retail store was opened in New Jersey at Cherry Hill Mall. Soon after opening the retail store, MCA bought the company. MCA was bought by Universal Studios in 1995. In 2001, many Spencer’s retail stores were updated with a new look. Spencer’s Gifts LLC is a sister company of Spirit Halloween.

Special Services: Spencer’s Gifts specializes in novelty items. At Spencer’s you can find everything from rock and roll shirts and joke shirts to costumes, and makeup. The company also sells items such as birthday joke gifts, black lights, posters, movie memorabilia, and much more.

Community Involvement: Spencer’s Gifts LLC is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer. The company currently sells bracelets in an effort to raise money for various organizations. All the proceeds from the bracelets go to organizations such as the Young Survival Coalition, and Stupid Cancer organization. Spencer’s not only offers the bracelets in store, but also offers them online, as well.

Spencer’s is part of the Spirit of Children program. The program is designed to raise money in an effort to bring holiday enjoyment to hospitalized children.

Environmental: Spencer’s Gifts is dedicated to helping the environment. Many of the items offered by the company are eco-friendly. Many items such as posters are created with water-soluble ink. Customers who choose to design their own shirts through the company website can use eco-friendly ink for their shirts in place of harsher inks.

International: Spencer’s Gifts LLC was originally started in North America. The company typically features stores in mall settings. Spencer’s Gifts is now an international company with stores in Canada, as well as the UK. Spencer’s stores are also located in areas such as Puerto Rico. The company currently has over 600 stores in the United States alone.

Financial: Spencer’s Gifts LLC is a privately owned company. Spencer’s is not traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The company has headquarters in New Jersey.

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