Sales Associate Job Description

A sales associate job description is pretty straightforward. This type of job can be a simple entry-level job in a store or a high-pressure, professional career that involves retailing very expensive products. The criteria for jobs as a sales associate will be different and depend upon two factors. These are the experiences needed by the hiring company and also the degree of experience in the industry of sales. Two requirements for this job are being unaffected by defeat and being consistently convincing.

Sales Associate Job Responsibilities

The sales associate job description involves being a so-called soldier in the field, the field of the retail environment, that is. A sales associate has the duty of pushing any given product in a direct manner. They continually interact with potential customers on a daily basis, constantly aiming to persuade and convince. Their underlying goal is always to get a sale. In other words, these sales associates are something like goodwill ambassadors on behalf of their employers. These kinds of jobs are also widely viewed as just entry-level jobs. Some examples of this kind of job can be anything from a video store clerk to even a salesman in a clothing store. The sales associate job description can even involve a moderate amount of labor. For instance, they might be asked by their employers to actually stock and then restock certain products, sometimes even after closing time.

Sales Associate Training and Education Requirements

A high school education is normally what is required as the minimum for a sales associate. However, since a sales associate job description does not necessarily require even a high school diploma, this might be waived by certain employers. Even so, some type of education in the area of sales and marketing can actually be a very valuable attribute for this line of work. Going beyond this, if a sales associate takes a few college courses or even completes an undergraduate degree, he can even develop some fundamental leadership and persuasion skills.

Sales Associate Salary and Wages

The structure and setup of the salary and wages for sales associates is quite broad, and this means that it can either be minimum wage or even 100 percent commission-based. At times, jobs in this field may well feature aSales Associate combination of both commission as well as salary. This arrangement ensures a base income and pushes the associate to make more sales with the incentive of higher earnings attached. It is without a doubt that the most effectivesales associates are capable of making gross income that goes into the range of six-figures and even further than that.

Sales Associate Certifications

In general, a sales associate job description does not require any certifications; it’s more usual if professionals were to seek certifications in sales. Still, sometimes there are specific kinds of certifications that are necessary to sell particular kinds of products; in these cases,sales associates can be forced to cooperate in obtaining the certification they need to sell said products. In a lot of situations, the reason that sales associates are made to get certain certifications is to increase the likelihood of either a legal or an ethical sale, as well as to make certain that a salesman is qualified to sell a specific product. Said products would not cover the types of products that may hurt the purchaser if the transaction was not managed correctly.

Sales Associate Professional Associations

There is a plethora of professional associations in the field of sales and marketing. A lot of these associations are committed to specific fields within said industry. A lot of these professional sales associations are only too happy to take in more sales associates. As an example, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals features an associate type of membership for just a small fraction of how much it charges for a professional type of membership. Sometimes, it is not uncommon that a professional sales association will lean on a casual sales associate to actually get professional certification.

The sales associate job description is one that’s easy to comprehend. It’s a job that can either be for those looking for entry-level positions just as much as it is a job that is for those looking to make a professional career in this field. If you start at the bottom as someone selling products in a store, usually a high school diploma or something equivalent will suffice. However, if you begin advancing in this field and get more years of experience, it would definitely help you out to perhaps take some college courses and even complete an undergraduate degree to make you that much more competent in your field. Your pay is sometimes a mix of salary and commission, and there are opportunities to get certified and become a member of a professional association.

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Amy Rowe February 10, 2012 at 12:37 am

I’m Looking forward to working as sales associate if given the chance.


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I will be glad to work with a company like Lowes as a sales associate with my experience.


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