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Positions and Salary: Many individuals who begin working for Nine West are placed in entry-level positions such as sales associate positions.

Sales associate- Sales associates at Nine West have a variety of job responsibilities. Job duties for sales associates include ringing up customers, helping customers with purchases, meeting and greeting every person who walks in the store, keeping the backroom and sales floor clean and orderly, and completing any tasks assigned by management members. Sales associates are paid an hourly wage. Typically, sales associates for Nine West can expect to start out between $8 and $10 an hour depending on store location and previous experience. Sales associate positions may be full-time or part-time depending on the needs of the store.

Key holder- Key holders for Nine West are considered part of the management team. Key holders have a variety of responsibilities such as opening and closing the store, counting down registers, helping customers, and delegating tasks to associates. Key holders for Nine West are paid an hourly wage. Typically, key holders can expect to make around $11 an hour. Certain key holder positions within the company may be part-time.

Assistant manager- Assistant managers for Nine West are expected to complete all tasks assigned by the store manager. Assistant managers must help customers, stay up-to-date with all paperwork, assign tasks to associates and key holders, as well as ensure the satisfaction of both customers and other employees. Assistant managers are typically paid around $29,000 to $31,000 a year depending on the store location, as well as previous management experience.

Store manager- Store managers are the head of the store. Store managers may be responsible for hiring new employees, as well as communicating with home office. Store managers are also expected to drive sales, help customers, and communicate effectively with all store associates. Store managers for Nine West are paid a yearly salary. Nine West store managers can expect a salary ranging from $33,000 a year to $40,000 a year depending on previous management experience and store location.

Corporate positions such as designer, intern, and account coordinator are also available. However, corporate positions for Nine West may require additional education and work experience.

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Benefits: Individuals who work for Nine West receive a variety of job benefits in addition to competitive wages. All Nine West employees receive on-the-job training, as well as flexible scheduling. Employees who are eligible can receive healthcare benefits, vacation, and 401K options, as well. Employees for Nine West also receive product discounts.

When you fill out an online job application for Nine West, you could be jump starting your career with a company who is known for selling top quality products. By filling out a Nine West employment application online, you have the opportunity to work for a company who offers flexible scheduling, competitive pay, healthcare benefits, and much more.

History: In 1978, Vincent Camuto and Jerome Fisher founded Nine West. The company specialized in making shoes. Over $1 million pairs of shoes were sold the first year the company was open. 1983 was the first year that a Nine West retail store was opened. The first store was opened in Stamford, Connecticut. By 1994, the brand began expanding internationally with the first international store in Hong Kong.

Special Services: Nine West initially specialized in providing quality made shoes to consumers. By 1995, the brand was expanded to include accessories such as sunglasses, and handbags. Currently, Nine West also offers suits, dresses, and accessories in addition to shoes for men, women, and children. Many Nine West locations are found in malls across the world, as well as in outlet malls. Certain Nine West stores are also located outside of regular and outlet malls.

Community Involvement: Giving back to the community is important to Nine West. The company frequently participates in charity drives in effort to raise money for breast cancer research. Nine West has also donated money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Nine West also participates in giving shoes to people around the world. The company supports causes such as Soles4Souls.

Environmental: As part of the Jones Group, Nine West makes an effort to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing green practices throughout the company. The Jones Group has made efforts to reduce energy usage at both distribution warehouses and store locations. The Jones Group also started the campaign called “Reduce the Use.” Through this campaign, the company strives to raise environmental awareness, as well as reduce the amount of paper supplies used, and implement various recycling procedures.

International: Nine West has over 500 locations throughout the United States and Canada. The company started expanding internationally in 1994 with the opening of the first international Nine West retail store in Hong Kong. Currently, Nine West has over 800 locations in 57 countries worldwide. Nine West plans to continue opening stores and expanding the brand even further.

Financial: Nine West has headquarters located in White Plains, New York. Nine West employs thousands of people and is a subsidiary of the Jones Group.

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