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Review Of McDonalds Jobs And Careers

Salary and Positions: There are a vast array of positions available at McDonalds, and your salary will be commensurate with the level of responsibility that you assume.

They have starter positions for men and women as young as sixteen years of age, as well as managerial positions for more senior staff.

Here are some guidelines as to what you can expect from McDonalds in the way of wages and tasks that you will be expected to perform:

Members of General Crew – These would include all the general tasks such as making our food, operating our cash registers, taking orders from our customers and making sure that the restaurant is kept in good condition both for the staff, and customers benefit.

For these types of task you could usually expect to start off being paid around minimum wage, but they are an opportunity employer and hence if you excel at your job then you can expect quick opportunities for advancement to management levels.

Management Levels Is very much a 24 hour business and staff levels are generally high at most McDonalds Restaurants due to the high levels of customer care that they aim to show the customers. Accordingly, they always have a demand for skilled managers who can effectively manage a team of people at their restaurants and help them to produce outstanding results.

You would typically be responsible as a manager for ensuring that all jobs in the restaurant are carried out quickly and to a high standard, as well as possibly performing various administrative functions.

You can typically expect to be paid in the region of $20,000 to $40,000 a year as a manager at our restaurants, though clearly this will depend on the branch and your level of experience.

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Benefits: Working for McDonalds has considerable advantages over other mainstream employers because they offer a degree of flexibility that is simply not available in most jobs.

They offer competitive salaries, discounts on meals, and flexibility in work hours that can suit for example mothers who wish to work or seniors who want to work a part time job, a comprehensive healthcare scheme, paid holidays, a 401K plan and disability insurance.

If you complete your McDonalds Job Application then you will find that they pride themselves on offering a large number of benefits and perks that are very desirable in the modern workplace.

History: McDonalds has a rich and varied history that dates back to 1940 when the company was founded.

The heritage was in California in San Bernardino where in 1940 you would have found the very first restaurant selling hamburgers and the concept of great food quickly delivered.

The Ronald McDonald character that everyone has come to love was born out of an early marketing concept of a man with a hamburger for a head who we called Speedee, and over time has morphed into the modern version that everyone is now familiar with.

From those humble origins they have grown into a massive company with thousands of restaurants, but the same passion for great food quickly delivered.

The Menu: Whilst the core of the menu remains hamburgers they offer a whole range of items that now differentiates McDonalds as a cross-spectrum food provider.

They now offer salads, wraps and fruit in order to assist in the battle against obesity and ensure that the customers have the maximum possible choice when entering their restaurants.

They have also stayed true to their roots and offer hamburgers, French fries, cheeseburgers, and specialty sandwiches such as the Big Mac.

They also offer a wide selection of drinks including soft drinks, milkshakes, fresh orange juice and coffee.

Involvement in the Community: They run a charitable trust that has now provided over 100,000 children in the United States with healthcare services.

The main charity that they support is the Ronald McDonald House Charity, but Mcdonalds additionally support many youth groups, sports groups and other charities at a local level.

Mcdonalds has a commitment to staying involved in local communities through their charity work and making sure that we stay connected to those communities.

Environmental Work: They have committed to big reductions in the amount of waste material that both the restaurants and McDonalds as a company produces, and are continually striving to do even better.

They ensure wherever possible that they use recycled paper, and use any means at Mcdonalds disposal to ensure that the materials they use are ethically sourced and are not produced for example as a result of rainforest destruction.

They will also shortly be stopping the use of food containers that use polystyrene foam, and will not buy any of the beef for their hamburgers from any cattle that have been reared on rainforest land that was destroyed to make way for the cattle.

International in Scope: Whilst they started with only a single restaurant in California they are now a significant force worldwide, and operate over 32,000 restaurants in approximately 120 countries worldwide.

For example, in Japan they have over 3,500 restaurants and over 1,400 in Canada.

So whilst they are local in attitude, they are global in scope.

Financial: As a company McDonalds Corporation has revenues every year of over $20 billion, and are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

If you fill out a McDonalds Job Application then you can rest assured that you are joining a company with significant financial clout that can help you, and your career, to prosper.

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