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Positions and Salary: The company provides those searching for employment with exhilarating possibilities in the fast-food world right now. Employing both full- as well as part-time people, Jack in the Box looks at both those just starting out as well as career-focused pros for numerous slots right now. Apply on the site for a number of Jack in the Box employment chances. The following slots constantly need to be filled:

Team Member – A job for those just starting out at Jack in the Box, a team member at Jack in the Box receives patrons, takes their orders, prepares the food, runs the cash registers and makes certain that workstations are neat and orderly. Team members are under obligation to be courteous, friendly and observant at all times. The pay for this position usually begins at minimum wage.

Management – Management is a distinction that comes in assistant manager, team leader and store manager roles. Managerial positions at Jack in the Box give career-minded folks at least 18 years of age a great shot at full-time careers. These leaders watch out over workers and make the work shift schedules. Both store and assistant managers are in charge of training and employing new hires, delegating the work, assuring customers are happy and looking out for store operations at various stores. Jobs in management necessitate having a high school diploma or something of the same nature. Team leaders are usually paid around $10 per hour. Assistant managers are able to get salary options that range between $35,000 and $45,000 each year. Store managers can even earn as much as more than $55,000 per year.

Those seeking employment chances besides basic-level service work and management career could locate Jack in the Box jobs at the corporate level. Perform work as a supply chain systems analyst, a performance effectiveness consultant, an operations support manager and a budget tech. Additional career choices are administrative career jobs, food service packer, budget analyst and equipment tech. Go online to apply to discover additional career choices at Jack in the Box today.

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Benefits: Besides discounts on the fast food at Jack in the Box, full- and part-time workers get perks. Some benefits are a great worker atmosphere, the chance to expand one’s career and training opportunities that are fully funded. Both competitive pay scales and work shifts that feature flexibility are mainstays of Jack in the Box benefits. Satisfactory compensation is given to associates by way of great base pay as well as alluring salary choices.

Besides good pay scales and benefits, associates that are qualified will receive a number of worker perks. Jack in the Box worker perks involve future planning perks like 401(k) retirement plans, pension plans, worker-life perks and insurer coverage. Go to the site to understand further about worker benefits at this company right now.

History: 1951 saw the founding of the first Jack in the Box in San Diego, California, by Robert O. Patterson. Throughout the next seven years, Patterson received material success and thus opened up 13 further sites throughout the greater San Diego region. After launching a few stores in Arizona and the rest of California, the company opened its 100th store back in 1969. In 1979 the company ran greater than 1000 places on the East and the West Coasts. Jack in the Box bought up Qdoba, a Mexican-American chain in 2003.

Menu: The company runs standalone restaurants all across the U.S. This restaurant includes both carry-out services as well as dine-in options; it also provides the option of drive-through at many locations. Jack in the Box’s menu features routine, Americana, fast-food options such as sandwiches, fries, burgers and even salads. The company also provides its customers with choices like sides, desserts, snacks, breakfast choices, cold beverages and hot beverages.

Community Involvement: Being a major, quick-service, fast-food outfit, Jack in the Box provides assistance to the many communities in which it finds its respective store locations. In 1998, Jack in the Box started up the Jack in the Box Foundation, a non-profit outfit meant to aid in the mentoring of youths. Jack in the Box forms continuous partnerships with Big Sisters and Big Brothers. It does this in order to assist in raising funds and also awareness for lots of socially pertinent causes that the company deems worthy of its involvement.

Environmental: Environmental accountability is a material aspect of Jack in the Box and its plan of business operations. Besides sticking to some of the toughest environmental standards out there, the company advocates for the well being of our four-legged friends and rears all its animals in only the safest and most humane manner. The company takes part in recycling programs. Energy-saving processes and recycled objects are regularly employed by Jack in the Box for the purpose of advocating for environmental health.

Planned Expansion: Jack in the Box is known to run more than 2200 restaurants in 19 states all over the U.S. Even though Jack in the Box has still not declared any intentions to expand as of June 2011, the company nonetheless has its sights set on further domestic expansion and is planning to open up additional locations all over the U.S. in a short period of time. Some regions of intended expansion are both the Southwest as well as the East Coast.

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