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Review Of  In-N-Out Burger Jobs And Careers

Positions And Salary: In-N-Out Burger offers both entry-level and professional-level job positions. Entry-level positions include associates and cooks.

Associates- The job duties of an associate include taking customer orders, ringing on registers, working the drive-thru window, cleaning bathrooms and dining room areas, making food, keeping work spaces clean, and completing all tasks assigned by management. In-N-Out Burger starts entry-level workers out at well above minimum wage. Associates can expect to make a starting wage of at $9 to $10 an hour.

Cooks-  Cooks have a variety of job duties at In-N-Out Burger. Cooks are responsible for cooking burgers, as well as other food, and ensuring that it is cooked the way the customer wants. Cooks must use fresh ingredients and abide by the company menu. Cooks are also required to keep all workstations clean and ready to go for every order. Cooks must answer to management staff. Typically a cook for In-N-Out Burger can expect to make around $12 an hour. However, cooks may make more depending on previous experience.

Management- Management positions for In-N-Out Burger include shift leaders, assistant managers, and restaurant managers. Duties for managers include properly scheduling employees, ordering supplies, ensuring workstations are clean, helping customers, and performing routine tasks needed to properly run the restaurant.

Shift leaders at In-N-Out Burger are paid hourly. Shift leaders can expect to make around $12 an hour depending on experience. Assistant managers for In-N-Out Burger can expect to make a yearly salary between $29,000 a year and $60,000 a year.

Assistant managers may make more or less depending on previous experience. Restaurant managers for In-N-Out Burger are paid a yearly salary. Typically, restaurant managers can expect to make up to $100,000 a year depending on previous management experience.

In-N-Out Burger also has corporate positions. Corporate positions include human resources associate and administrative assistant. Applicants who are interested in corporate positions with In-N-Out Burger may need a degree in a related work field, as well as previous experience in a related field.

You can jump start your new career with a nationally recognized fast food chain by filling out an online In-N-Out job application today. When you fill out an application, you have the opportunity to work for a company that recognizes and rewards employees with above-average pay and a variety of health benefits. Fill out an online job application today to see opportunities in your area.

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Benefits: In-N-Out Burger offers a variety of employment benefits to employees. Employees of the company can enjoy competitive pay rates, as well as meal discounts. Qualified In-N-Out Burger employees can enjoy health coverage, as well as 401K retirement options, holiday pay, and vacation. When you fill out an application for In-N-Out Burger, you could be on your way to getting a job that offers competitive pay, as well as many other benefits. Fill out an application today and potentially start a career in the fast food restaurant industry.

History: In 1948, the first In-N-Out Burger was opened by founders Harry and Esther Snyder. The first restaurant was opened in Baldwin California. The first restaurant opened by the Snyder’s is considered the first drive-thru restaurant in California. To ensure that the restaurant was providing the best customer service, the Snyder’s did not open another restaurant until three years after the first restaurant was opened. The Snyder’s sons were also required to work at In-N-Out restaurants in order to completely understand the business, and to ensure that it was run properly once it was passed down. Through the 1980s and the 1990s, In-N-Out Burger successfully expanded. Currently, the restaurant chain has over 250 restaurants in states such as California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. In-N-Out Burger is also in the process of expanding to include locations in Texas.

Special Services: In-N-Out Burger is a unique fast food restaurant. The chain is often praised by celebrities, customers, and critics for offering a unique menu. The restaurant menu is dominated by burgers such as regular hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and double cheeseburgers. Customers can also special order burgers to include onions or fried in mustard. The chain also offers soft drinks, and fries, as well as a variety of milkshakes. In-N-Out Burger is known for making larger burgers such as the 4×4, which features four hamburger patties. The restaurant chain only uses fresh ingredients. All orders are made to order.

Community Involvement: In 1984, the In-N-Out Foundation was established. This foundation is designed to help neglected and abused children. In 1995, the foundation was made a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The In-N-Out Foundation works with a variety of organization to provide treatment, foster care, shelter, and early prevention treatment to abused and neglected children.

Environmental: In-N-Out Burger is aware of how important the environment is. The restaurant chain has changed to reusable trays instead of using disposable trays for serving food. The company also tries to recycle as much as possible. In-N-Out Burger is known for using locally grown crops instead of frozen and packaged crops. By using locally grown crops, the company helps reduce shipping costs, as well as waste, and boosts the local economy.

International: In-N-Out Burger was started on the West Coast. Currently, the restaurant chain is slowly expanding to not only include western states, but states such as Texas, as well. Currently, the company has no plans to expand internationally.

Financial: In-N-Out Burger is a privately owned company and is not publicly traded. The company makes an estimated yearly revenue of $465 million. In-N-Out Burger headquarters were relocated from Baldwin, California to Irvine, California.

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