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Review Of Hollister Jobs And Careers

Hollister’s an international fashion company that provides hiring opportunities in an assortment of positions. Positions include full-time as well as part-time opportunities. Both those hoping for a professional career as well as those hoping for entry-level slots should go online to discover more regarding the available positions at the company. To apply for a professional career, applicants have to be at least 17.

The company routinely staffs these jobs:

Brand Rep- An entry-level position, these reps behave like sales associates and help out shoppers. They also take queries on services and products, and they must ring up purchases, too. Brand reps have to have a gregarious demeanor and act professionally at all times. This job might involve some lifting requirements. These reps are entitled to an hourly wage that’s close to state minimum.

Floor Model- This other entry-level job requires that a person behave like a live display for any merchandise that Hollister sells. Successful applicants should emit personable traits and show great customer service qualities. These models usually get pay that’s minimum wage.

Impact Team Member- These Impact Team members are involved in a number of duties. Their responsibilities cover display organization, maintaining store interiors and stocking the shelves. These jobs pay from $8 to $9 per hour.

Management- You can apply online for a management position if you are 18 or up. Managers have to have good leadership qualities. Hollister locations demand that applicants have a high school diploma or the equivalent. They must also have previous experience in management or retail jobs if they want to have supervisory employment consideration. Open jobs are store manager and assistant manager opportunities. The pay range for assistant managers is $25,000 to $35,000 a year. Store managers are able to receive salary options in excess of $45,000 per year.

The company provides many other enjoyable job opportunities. These are loss prevention officer, merchandise organizer and jobs in store maintenance. Positions in Hollister’s distribution warehouses have to be staffed, too. The company provides applicants with choices among financial analyst, designer, help desk specialist, quality assurance analyst and interactive marketing director titles. There are also careers in the corporate environment that can be found in the offices of Hollister.

Apply For Hollister Jobs And Careers:  Hollister Application

Benefits: Hollister provides workers with employment benefits that are exiting, in an attempt to make a great working environment possible. These benefits are competitive pay scales, paid training programs, and work schedules with flexibility. Other benefits are wellness and health program access, insurance coverage and planning benefits for the future. You can apply on the Hollister website to discover more information about the various pay scales and position perks at the company.

Hollister wants to aid its workers in future planning, which is why many financial planning benefits are provided. Some of these financial benefits involve 401(k) retirement plans. Wellness programs for qualifying workers cover paid time off, sick leave, holiday pay and paid vacation. The company gives healthcare to eligible workers and extends sensible employee discounts on merchandise to their workers.

History: The company started in the early 1920s, belonging to the group of Abercrombie & Fitch Co. brands. In the year 2000, the first Hollister location was opened up in Ohio. The company took off and started competing with its parent brand. To forestall confusion among the brands, Abercrombie designed elaborate themes at Hollister stores. Hollister keeps expanding around the globe and runs 100s of stores throughout America.

Special Services: Usually found in shopping malls, Hollister sells men and women’s clothing that is of a high-end nature. Known for beach-quality apparel for teens and younger adults, the company retails style accessories, swimwear, fragrances and novelty objects. Hollister also runs an online store in addition to its physical locations.

Community Involvement: Hollister continually gets involved in service projects, which entails the raising of funds for charities. Abercrombie supports charity causes such as the A&F Challenge as well as the A&F Cares event. Back in 2007, Hollister together with the National Society of High School Scholars pulled in upwards of $75,000 for scholarships.

Environmental: Another area in which Hollister is involved is in environmental service projects since it already retails eco-friendly products. All the clothes made by the company are created in conflict-free zones, and Hollister promotes tough codes of environmental business principles. A lot of the neighborhood Hollister locations take part in recycling programs.

International: Retailer it is, the Hollister company began its corporate life in America. After a lot of years of being successful, the company looked at international expansion. Toronto, Canada, was the site of Hollister’s first foreign opening. Thereafter, 4 other stores from this brand were started up in Canada, and Hollister is still considering additional expansion throughout Canada. At the moment, the company already has 17 stores throughout the United Kingdom that it currently operates, and it is planning to open up more Hollister stores in the countries of Ireland, Spain and also Germany.

Financial: The store locations of the Hollister Company are run as a division of the parent brand, which is Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, Abercrombie & Fitch trades under the ticker symbol of ANF. Besides Abercrombie & Fitch Co., the sister brands of Hollister cover names such as Gilly Hicks. Hollister, together with its sister firms, is responsible for generating a sizable amount of revenue. Almost $3.5 billion in yearly revenues is what Hollister and sister brands are known to generate. The Hollister Company alone brings in about $1.5 billion in yearly revenues. The corporate HQ of the brand can be found in New Albany, Ohio, where said HQ is also operated.

Hollister Career Website: Hollister Jobs

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