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Review Of GameStop Jobs And Careers

Positions and Salary: GameStop offers employees a variety of exciting job opportunities within an ever-growing industry. The company frequently hires dependable, knowledgeable, and self-motivated people to staff full-time and part-time positions. Interested applicants who are over 16 years of age can apply online today to find both professional and entry-level jobs within the company. Currently, GameStop is looking for individuals to fill the following positions:

Game Advisor Positions- People who are game advisors for the company have job duties similar to a regular retail associate. Game advisors are responsible for stocking shelves, working the cash register, up-selling merchandise, and assisting with sales of video games and consoles, as well as gaming accessories. Game advisors are also responsible for checking identification to ensure that all customers are the appropriate age to buy certain games. Other responsibilities of a game advisor include checking game trades, maintaining store cleanliness, markdowns, and more. Individuals who are employed as game advisors should have knowledge of the latest gaming accessories, video games, and gaming consoles. Game advisors can expect to receive an hourly wage. Hourly wages for a game advisor range from minimum wage to $10. Wages depend on previous work experience, as well as store location.

Management Positions- Management positions within the company include senior game advisor positions, as well as assistant store manager positions, and store manager positions. Senior game advisors have a variety of job duties including supervising regular game advisors, and helping meet the sales goals of the store. Assistant store managers have duties that include the hiring and training of new employees, making schedules for other employees, as well as delegating work designed to help meet the sales goals of the store. Store managers within the company have job duties that include ensuring that all sales goals for the store are met, ensuring that all store operations and tasks are completed in a timely manner, and keeping up to date on the latest video game-related information. GameStop store managers should possess such skills as strong managerial skills, the ability to lead other employees, and the strong organizational skills needed to keep the store running. Typically senior game advisors can expect to get paid an hourly wage between $8 and $10 an hour. Assistant store managers are paid an annual salary of around $25,000. Store managers are paid an annual salary of $50,000 or more. Salaries for assistant and store managers will depend on previous job experience, as well as location of the store.

Applicants who are interested in potential careers in a growing company can find opportunities through GameStop. The company offers other entry-level employment opportunities, as well. These opportunities include key holder, hardware tech, accessory associate, customer service manager, process improvement technician, loss prevention investigator, maintenance associate, and district management positions. GameStop also has a variety of corporate career positions available for qualified applicants.

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Benefits: Individuals who are seeking a casual work environment can complete the GameStop application online immediately for employment consideration. GameStop offers employees a supportive work environment designed to help individuals grow careers within the company. The company also offers employees a variety of benefits. Associates can enjoy competitive wages and base pay, as well as a variety of other job perks such as employee discounts.

GameStop also offers employees a variety of benefit packages. Qualified employees can receive healthcare benefits, vacation and sick days, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, and discounts on a large selection of merchandise throughout the store, as well as additional discounts at certain retailers. When you submit an application with GameStop today, you have the opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits the company offers.

History: GameStop was started in Dallas, Texas, in 1984. The company was originally called Babbage’s. Babbage’s was a small software retail chain. Babbage’s eventually merged with other gaming retailers, such as FuncoLand, Software Ect., Electronics Boutique, Micromania, and Gamesworld. In the late 1990s, Barnes & Noble head Leonard Riggio bought Babbage’s. Through Barnes & Noble, Babbage’s became GameStop. The company eventually spun off from Barnes & Noble and became an independent company.

Special Services: GameStop is a specialty retail chain. The company primarily sells video games, as well as video game-related accessories. GameStop typically offers only the latest in video games and accessories. GameStop stores are typically located in shopping malls and shopping centers. GameStop also offers customers the opportunity to shop online through the company website.

Community Involvement: The company actively gives back to communities. GameStop frequently partners with non-profit organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The company also helps grant wishes to children in need, as well as raise awareness, and money for a variety of causes. The company also participates in charities and events local to store communities.

Environmental: The company has always been conscious of environmental issues. GameStop is considered one of the top companies for exceptional environmental practices. The company conducts regular research to continue maintaining environmentally friendly business practices. In 2009, Newsweek Magazine honored the company for exceptional environmental efforts and business practices.

International: GameStop is an international company. It operates stores throughout the world. Currently, the company has over 6,500 retail stores in 16 countries. In addition to the current locations, GameStop has plans for continued international expansion.

Financial: GameStop is a public company. The company trades on the NYSE under the symbol GME. The company was founded in Dallas, Texas. Currently, corporate headquarters are located in Grapevine, Texas. In addition to GameStop stores, the company also manages other retailers including Babbage’s, Moviestop, and Micromania. Yearly, the company, as well as its divisions report a revenue of around $9 billion.

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