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Review Of  Cit Trends Jobs And Careers

Positions and Salary: The company has a need for employees to staff positions in numerous stores all over the U.S. The company is in need of both full- as well as part-time employees to fill numerous Citi Trends jobs in the retail sector. Those 16 and older can apply on the website to determine Citi Trends employment chances right now.

The following have to be filled by the company:

Sales Associate – Sales associates help out customers, make certain a store is clean and tidy, make sure that the shelves are stocked full of products and ring up any and all purchases through the cash register. Associates are obligated to also make sure all inventory controls are done right, perform inventory transactions and ensure compliance standards in shrink control. People working at this job usually earn between $7 and $10 per hour, at the beginning.

Management – Managers both employ as well as train new hires, keep up with inventory, keep track of sales, look after the operations at different locations, make sure all customers are satisfied all of the time and make certain that associates obey the different Citi Trends protocols and procedures. The yearly salary of managers is routinely in the range of between $36,000 and $53,000.

Citi Trends runs huge distribution locales all over the U.S. and thus may require workers to be employed in many different warehouse jobs. Basic jobs for people working in the warehouse include packer, processor and a handler of materials. Citi Trends also provides employment possibilities in the Citi Trends corporate offices and thus has to staff lots of job titles, such as field investigator, merchandise planner, financial analyst, merchandise purchaser and merchandise manager. Complete the Citi Trends jobs application on the website and start your career with a great fashion seller right now.

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Benefits: Associates that are qualified and basic-level new hires get a wide array of Citi Trends jobs opportunities. Basic-level workers get to enjoy base pay that is quite competitive. Great salary options are to be had by the store associates here. Paid training instances, scheduling that is highly flexible and the probability of growing one’s career all contribute to a work atmosphere that is rewarding. Go online and apply there to see more about the employment pros of getting hired by Citi Trends.

Citi Trends provides good-quality pros to all employees who are qualified. A few examples of these job benefits include future planning perks like 401(k) retirement plans with Citi Trends insurance coverage and matching. Associates that are eligible might also obtain health benefits such as vision, dental and medical coverage. Added job perks cover paid time off, discounts for the workers and even worker referral bonuses. Go on the website and apply by using the Citi Trends application to discover more info on things like base pay, worker perks and salary options.

History: Shortly after the start of the Second World War, Citi Trends started up its business. Back then, it was named Savannah’s Wholesale, and the company retailed women’s undergarments and hosiery all across the southeast. A successful wholesaler even back then, the company opened up a first retail location in 1958. Taking advantage on the popularity of the post-war patriotism that existed, the store altered its name to the Allied Department Store. After some time of both changing and growing, Allied Department Stores revamped its merchandise and made over its locations in 1997. Back in 2001, the company then changed its handle once more to Citi Trends. Though this particular company has changed a lot over the course of decades, Citi Trends retails the same high-quality clothing as well as great customer service.

Special Services: As a big clothing seller, Citi Trends runs lots of stores all over America. The company has a specialization in urban fashion apparel as well as equipment for guys, girls and kids. Citi Trends provides high-quality fashion products at prices that are affordable. Citi Trends retails discounted clothes of in-demand brands such as Dereon, Coogi, Apple Bottoms, Rocawear, Mecca, Akademiks, Ed Hardy and Baby Phat. Besides quality products, the company establishes a fine shopping experience that includes a neat, well-kept store with an amicable atmosphere. Citi Trends runs greater than 480 locations in 27 states throughout the southeast, the mid-Atlantic and even the Midwest. Primed for future growth, Citi Trends is working on opening up 70 more locations in the next several years.

Community Involvement: Citi Trends usually works on improving the community in which it finds itself. Every year, Citi Trends is known to make some contributions to a group of charities that have been CEO-sanctioned. Both national as well as local charity organizations and non-profits receive money from Citi Trends on a regular basis. Citi Trends has a track record of supporting educational, environmental, health-based and safety programs.

Environmental: Citi Trends is a gigantic retail organization that has the advantage of lots of natural resources. Thus, it’s deeply concerned about environmental preservation. It usually works to lower both emissions as well as waste. Citi Trends sticks to federal, state and local mandates, and a lot of Citi Trends franchises take part in recycling programs.

International: As the popularity for Citi Trends keeps on growing and growing, the company is always looking to expand into new markets. Looking at opportunities in the international markets, Citi Trends has plans in the works to attend to the start of international growth in the upcoming years. Citi Trends has plans for its domestic market at home in the U.S., too. In the next few years, Citi Trends has plans in store to expand its locations all across the U.S.

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