Cashier Job Description

You may already know the basics of the cashier position, but this cashier job description will give you a more in-depth understanding of what this position requires. More importantly, it will help you understand what you have to do if you want to get this type of position for yourself. Many cashiers work part-time for extra cash or while in college, yet there are full-time positions available all over the country. This is one job that you can do no matter where you live, how old you are, or what skills you possess.

Anytime you go to the supermarket and make a purchase, you have to deal with a cashier. If you go to the store to buy party supplies or a new pair of shoes, you have to deal with a cashier in order to get your purchases out of the store. You typically know who the cashier is because they are standing by the cash register, or working nearby while waiting for you to bring your purchases to the counter. They will be the person who smiles and welcomes you to the store, and later the person who rings up your purchases and accepts your payment.

Yet, cashiers do much more than smile and take payment. Keep reading this cashier job description to see what else you might be required to do if you take this up as your next job.

Assigned Duties for Cashiers

Cashier jobs are very social. The cashier stands at the front of the store, welcoming guests into the store and answering questions when someone needs to know where to go or what they should buy. Therefore, a cashier must be very friendly and patient. They must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, so they can connect with those coming into the store. In a restaurant, they may even need great management skills to handle the crowd of people waiting for their table, since those duties at the front of the restaurant may be shared with hostesses or wait staff.

Further, cashiers need to know their store inside and out. They have to know what aisles hold particular products, and they must know what is and is not carried inside the store. In the case of the cashier job description while working in a restaurant, the cashier must know all about the hours, policy, and foods of the restaurant in order to answer phone calls as needed.

Since the main purpose of a cashier’s job is to accept payment for purchases, they must be able to handle money responsibly. This includes the ability to ring up orders or purchases and work the cash register, but it alsoCashier Job Description includes counting out money. Cashiers must ensure that the right amount of money is handed over, and that the correct amount of change is returned.

Today, a cashier must know how to handle credit card and check payments as well. Most people now pay with bank cards, rather than cash. This makes it easier since no counting of cash is involved, but there is still a lot for cashiers to learn in this respect.

In some cases, a cashier may need to figure discounts or sale prices when they apply as well as counting out the payments and change. All cashiers must balance out their drawers at the end of their shift, ensuring that they have the right amount of money to turn into the store. Most cashiers will work under a special login to ensure they are only held accountable to the money expected to be in their own drawers.

Education and Training Required of Cashiers

Most cashiers receive their training on-the-job. The basic communication and mathematical skills are learned through early education and high school, or through basic life experience. Most people who are capable of counting and monitoring their own money are able to learn the basic skills required for a cashier job. It may be the communication skills that some are unable to master efficiently for this very social position.

Most cashier jobs do not require any education beyond a high school diploma or GED. This is what makes the cashier job description attractive to many college students. They will use their cashier positions to get through skill, and then hopefully switch to a job in their field of study.

Cashier Salaries

You are not going to get rich working as a cashier. This is a position that does not require a lot of skill or education, so it is naturally going to be lower in pay yet easier to secure.Cashiers are typically paid by the hour, and wages are close to minimum wage in most cases.

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