Business Analyst Job Description

There are a variety of job titles that may be listed in a business analyst job description. Businesses are essentially searching for consultants and/or employees with the capability to solve their problems, improve their efficiency, and help them beat out their competitors. Small businesses may use an analyst to improve their daily operations so they can save money and become more competitive in the future. They want their businesses to grow. Larger businesses may hire analysts to solve the many problems that can slow down operations and cause efficiency problems over time.

If you can handle the stress of a fast paced job that requires a blend of creativity and technical knowledge, you may be interested in responding to ads for a business analyst job description.

Business Analyst Job Responsibilities

There are a variety of job responsibilities that may be assumed by a business analyst at any given time. Those working in the consultancy business may do different tasks at different times, and in many cases they will be required to take on a variety of responsibilities at one time. Some of the common duties include:

  • Finding solutions to business problems, often utilizing technical solutions.
  • Critically assessing a business to identify inefficiencies and potential problems so they can be improved.
  • Looking at the goals of a business and determining what can be done better to increase the chance of reaching those goals.Business Analyst
  • Developing logical data models to help businesses in the future.
  • Providing an overview of processes used inside the business, and finding ways to improve upon those processes.
  • Overseeing critical projects to make sure they are implemented with the best processes.
  • Working with application developers to improve efficiency.

Business Analyst Training and Education Requirements

A business analyst will typically wear many hats. If your goal is to work as a consultant, you may work with a variety of businesses over time on a variety of projects, so your knowledge has to be expansive and varied. You may also be expected to think in a flexible and creative manner in order to tailor solutions to individual businesses and the problems they are facing or may be trying to avoid in the future.

Not everyone will be able to keep that flexible, creative mind while grasping all of the technical knowledge needed to fulfill the business analyst job description. This puts those who have the education and creative mind to do the job very well in high demand.

Training to fulfill the business analyst job description starts with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field. Many future analysts will work in the business or IT field to gain some experience before going back for their MBA. The MBA is essential for this job, due to the extensive technical knowledge that is used in the position. Before becoming consultants or being hired as business analysts, most employees will work in their fields for many years to gain experience.

Business Analyst Salary and Wages

The experience of the business analyst will determine their earning potential. Depending on the exact job title and responsibilities being taken on and the level of experience of the analyst, salaries can be as low as $35,000 or they can go over $80,000.

Business Analyst Certifications

There are no required certifications for a business analyst, but there are two certifications that serious analysts should obtain to increase their potential to land higher salary positions:

  • Certification of Competency in Business Analysis
  • Certified Business Analysts Professional

The second certification listed is typically acquired by established business analysts. The goal is to prove their skill as one of the top analysts in the profession. The first certification listed can be obtained by anyone in the business wishing to establish themselves as suitable to fulfill the business analyst job description.

Business Analyst Professional Associations

There is only one professional association currently serving the business analyst profession. This is the International Institute of Business Analysis, or the IIBA. The non-profit organization takes voluntary memberships and works to serve everyone working as a business analyst.

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